Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How can I change Google Chrome to mobile view

Change your browser to Mobile view
At first open your Google Chrome browser, then press F12 button from keyboard. You can see above screen:
Change your browser to Mobile view
Now press on the Toggle device toolbar button OR press Ctrl+Shift+M, then this screen will come and you can see a list of devices.
Change your browser to Mobile view
Select your desired device from drop down menu. Now use browser as a cell phone/ Mobile view feature. Again, if you want to use your device as vertical mode then just click "Rotate" button. Your display will show as vertical mode.
Change your browser to Mobile view
But I think we missed a essential feature, Every day we need to take screen shot for many necessary purpose, So how I get this feature. Yes, Google Chrome will give you this feature also. Just click the option menu from right corner, a drop down menu bar will appear. "Capture screenshot" button available here. Also Device frame feature available here.
Change your browser to Mobile view
If you click on "Show device frame" and "Capture screenshot" button then you can see this screen:
Change your browser to Mobile view

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to change password from Google account

Setting menu for password change from google accountPassword changing option for Google accountFirst go to setting menu from top right corner after log in into your Google account. select “Setting” button from drop down button. Then press on “Accounts and Import” menu from top vertical menus. Now you can see Password changing option from “Change account settings list. If you press on “Change Password” option then this page will open another new window and need again log in into that Google account. Now you can change your password.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

How to Create Hyperlink in MS Word Document?

Do you know how to create Hyperlink in MS Word Document? It is easy to use. I am showing you step by step:
  • Open the Word Doc.
  • Write something with headline.
  • Lay all heading in first page.
  • Go first heading below first page.
  • Put your mouse cursor at the start of heading.
  • Go Insert menu and press Bookmark, this screen will come:
How to Bookmark in MS Word Doc
  • Write Bookmark name as your wish and press add.
  • Do same process until you finish the bookmark for all heading.
  • Now go to Insert menu and select first heading from the first page.
  • Now press Hyperlink, This screen will come:
How to Hyperlink in MS Word Doc
  • Now select one from your Bookmarks list and press ok.
  • Do the same process until you finished the Hyperlink for all title. This screen will come when you create a Hyperlink:
After create Hyperlink in MS Word doc

Now press Ctrl and click your mouse, the screen will come which heading you bookmark for this screen.

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How to change JPEG format from word document?

This is easy way to create jpeg format from word documents, specially word and excel. On the other hand in PowerPoint, you can directly change jpeg image from "save as" other format option.  At first you can download small software from website “DoPDF”. Install it then run it. This screen will come:

How to convert Word to PDF

 Press targeted button and show the source document, then press create. This screen will appear:

How to convert Word to PDF

  Now open the Photoshop and drag & drop the PDF file in to Adobe Photoshop. This screen will come:

How to convert Word to JPG Image

Careful here, you have to change Resolution at least 300 pixels/inch. Then press ok. Now Save as your Photoshop document to JPEG image. This screen will come:

How to convert Word to JPG 

How to find received documents which came by Skype?

You can find any Documents easily which you received by Skype from your Computer. I am telling you step by step. Before this procedure you have to go control panel and open "Folder Option" and select "View" page from top menus. Now select this radio button: "Show hidden files folders and drives".
Show or hidden function from folder option

Now go to this steps:
  • Go to My Computer.
  • Go to C drive.
  • Go to “Users” OR similar in Windows 8 and earlier.
  • Go to Computer Name, such as my PC name: “Salma Masud”
  • Go to AppData
  • Go to Roaming
  • Go to Skype
  • Go to My Skype Received Files

Now see this image to get your documents which you received by Skype.

This description applicable for Windows 7 users. Windows 8 and earlier users may try to find by this procedure I am not sure, But main idea is that.